Acura RDX

Chris Stein and Debbie Harry from the 80’s mega group Blondie were among the first back then to take my ideas about being an artist seriously. They also believed strongly in my ideas about a new culture emerging from the ghettos of the Bronx and other areas of New York City that the world now knows so well as Hip Hop could happen big.  They were also the 1st Americans to buy my paintings and commission work from me, introduced me to Andy Warhol, and mentored me. They did the same for my friends and cohorts, Jean Michelle Basquiat and Lee Quinones.

This Acura commercial, decades later, shows we were all right.
The idea behind this Acura commercial is that a meeting was planned with some execs from a big corporation to discuss commissioning a big mural by me for a new corporate headquarters being built. The woman driving is the VP of the company and obviously a big Blondie fan and was supposed to be on the phone to  discuss the work with me but she was clearly, caught up in the “Rapture”.